The Maytag Neptune Electric Drying Center

I first became aware of the existance of the ridiculous Maytag Neptune "Electric Drying Center" through a commercial I saw while watching TV one night. At first, I seriously though the ad was a joke, like some kind of “Saturday Night Live” advertising spoof, like the one they did for "Crystal Gravy".

Unfortunately, NO.

The Maytag Neptune "Electric Drying Center" is a completely ridiculous, overpriced, and totally unnecessary product. It's a shame that time, money and resources are going into developing ridiculous products like these in the materialistic, consumerism-driven first world; when there are children starving to death in third-world countries. Shame on humanity.

Look at the sheer size of this thing! Does ANYONE really NEED such a massive, behemoth of a resource-guzzling dryer? I think not.

It's the sheer SIZE of this thing that boggles the mind, and in my opinion, makes it a totally ridiculous, unnecessary product. This thing is just about the mother of all dryers. Who in God's name would have ever have DARED concieve of such a monstrosity!?!? Maytag did!

With "more than 24 cubic feet" of total "drying space", this big bastard guzzles electricity hard! The amount of Hydro this sucker must consume is literally mind-boggling!

Frighteningly, this sucker is available in two colours: either white, or "bisque". For your information, the following colour is what Maytag has insanely christened "bisque":

Be afraid.

The only thing that I can imagine that would be more horrendous than having a monster of a hydro-sucking, space-taking, useless-feature-having dryer in my house, would be to have such a dryer in "bisque" colour (NOTE: It appears that "Bisque" colour is not available in Canada! What a relief... but pity our poor friends south of the border!).

Scary stuff. Evokes mental images of avacado green appliances from the 60’s and 70’s, which can now sometimes be seen in either thrift stores, or heaped beside the road on garbage day. Bisque. Tsk.

This Maytag monstrosity can be yours, for the low low price of only $1,449.00 US. Unless of course, you decide that you absolutely MUST have it in "bisque" – then, you’ll be shelling out an extra $20 bucks for the privilege. The "bisque"-coloured model is $1,469.00! (NOTE: The listed prices were current at the time I originally designed this webpage and MAY have SINCE CHANGED!)

Browsing through the product information for this dryer at the Maytag website, it seems as though the good folks at Maytag marketing must have been just a tad short on ideas as to how best to promote and peddle thier monstrosity. Behold: I give you, quoted directly from the product description on the Maytag website, a few of the choicer "features" our behemoth has to offer:

"Upper - Adjustable Timer -
Puts you in control of how long you dry your clothes."

Why did they put this in as a "feature"? Sorry, but there's nothing new about that! You can already control "how long you dry your clothes" with any conventional dryer!! A dryer NEVER makes up its own mind, about how long you dry your clothes, you ALWAYS do! You can start and stop drying any old time you want to!

"Upper - Remove Odor Option -
The right temperature, humidity level and air circulation
grab and remove odors from clothes."

Umm… odor removal? Something is definately very, very wrong about the above statement. I don’t know about the good folks at Maytag product testing, but personally, my clothes usually don’t require "odor removal" AFTER I've gotten through washing them! I thought that was the purpose of WASHING clothes in the first place - to remove stains and odors! I wash my clothes in the washing machine in order to get odors out, not stick them in the dryer!

"Stand-Alone Unit -
Doesn't require extra cabinetry;
takes just slightly more floor space than a traditional dryer."

Riiiiight. "Just slightly more floor space" actual means, at least four extra feet of headroom!!! Behold:

Look, they could JUST BARELY squeeze this behemoth in underneath that specially-designed cabinet-thingy they used in this photo shoot! Sure, like everybody has custom-designed cabinetry like that in thier home! This dryer is totally humongoid, and will require that you undertake serious renevations inside your home in order to install it!
"Lower - Drum Light -
Makes it easy to see inside the dryer
when loading or unloading."

Gee, terrific! What a totally useless feature, added purely and completely for marketing purposes. As if anyone cares to be able to "easily see" the sopping pile of laundry they’ve just heaved out of the washing machine and chucked haphazardly into the dryer. No one but a moron would want to examine, in detail and by light, a saturated pile of freshly-laundered clothes!

"Upper - Cabinet Liner -
Seamless, one-piece design
with talc-filled polypropylene
is four times thicker than steel for durability."

Er... "talc–filled"? What the hell does that mean!? And... four times thicker than steel? I dunno, but... this must be one... HEAVY... mother! Maybe, you’ll need to reinforce your laundry room floor, along with the four extra feet of headroom & specially built cabinetry, before you can let this massive thing into your home!

"Upper - WrinkleRelease™ Rod -
Gentle motion waves clothes through soft breezes;
helps reduce wrinkles from hanging clothes."

"Waves clothes through soft breezes"? How pretentious. Haven't the folks at Maytag ever heard of a CLOTHES LINE? Excuse ME for not being 100% convinced that it would be more pleasant to sleep in sheets that had been dried by a massive, stuffy, electricity-guzzling appliance like this one, instead of ones that had spent a sunny afternoon drying in soft breezes outdoors.

"Saves Time - It dries faster
than air-drying, so you can dry clothes
in a few hours instead of days."

Okaaaaay. Let's just back the hell up here, for a sec. I’ve NEVER, EVER, in all my years of doing laundry, seen it take DAYS to air-dry clothes. Where did Maytag research do their air-drying tests, in a swimming pool? Ridiculous.

"Hides The Mess - Upper drying cabinet
has space to dry up to 13 items, so the mess stays out of sight."

Wrong, wrong, oh-so very wrong! The only way the "mess stays out of sight" here, is if you barricade your laundry room door shut, so that never again must you or any other member of humanity lay eyes upon the monstrosity that is called the Maytag Neptune Electric Drying Center (especially, if it's "bisque")!
After seeing and reading about the Maytag Neptune "Electric Drying Center", I think it's fairly safe to assume that we now better understand exactly why it is that the "Maytag Repairmen" look so lethargic all the time!

We all thought it was because they were bored, not having any appliances to fix, but in actuality, it's because they've clearly smoked some of the same drugs as the guys down in Maytag engineering, marketing, and product design!
A totally useless & unnecessary product.


Anonymous said...

It's 2011 and I'm considering a used one of these for $300. You kept mentioning the electricity it guzzles, but does it guzzle any more than a standard electric dryer? Or are you just against all electric dryers? I'm not being catty, I just don't know your research or assumptions. I like the idea of washing my own dress shirts and letting them dry while hung up properly. As for the days to dry, if you've ever washed a cap or shoes or something else with think canvas that you don't want beaten to death in the dryer, but that you need soon, it does take days to fully dry depending on your climate and this would aleviate that. I just don't know if it truly uses anymore electricity than a regular dryer. My assumption is the heating coils, which use the electricity, would be the same as any dryer, but the airflow would be wider to the entire cabinet so the only way I can see more electricity being used is if it runs longer than a typical dryer which is possible since you're spreading the same hot dry air over more space. I'm a single man who lives alone and don't do that much laundry so its not likely to make a dent in my budget. And as for the space. I have a laundry closet and am not using that four additional feet of headroom for anything anyway so what difference does it make?

Anyway, would love to get a response as I'm sincerely trying to make a decision and even though you made your feelings clear, it's $300 which is reasonable and has been owned and not often used by a nice couple I met. They're just moving to a new home where it won't work as well.

Let me know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I have had one of these and LOVED it.
Great product. My sister also has one and it works great. No more energy sucking than others.

Anonymous said...

I have one and I love it!!do not believe it uses more energy . . I have a lot of things I prefer to hang dry or flat and this is perfect!

Nancy said...

I've had this for about 7 years, I personally like the upper cabinet because there are some things you dry clean that just need refreshing, and this is what the odor remover is for, such as a coat that hung in the closet all winter. I rarely use both upper and lower at the same time, but it's a lifesaver to have clothes that need to be hung to dry, and I need it that day or the next. As for energy use, I don't see it as anymore of a sucker if only one or the other is used, than any other dryer.

Anonymous said...

I have had one of these dryers for 8 years and it is one of my all time favorite appliances. Mine uses gas, and it can be converted to propane. My gas bills average $20/month and that covers the dryer, water heater, stove, and house heating (S. Calif). The upper cabinet handles everything that says "dry flat" or "hang to dry" and almost every load I wash has something in that catagory. It is great for washable wool, delicates, wrinkle free fabrics, shoes, hats - you name it. When I need to "dry clean" something, I use a kit which can be purchased to use in the regular dryer compartment. Has never needed a repair just like my great previous track records with Maytag laundry appliances. No regrets.

Anonymous said...

Owned one since they first came out and it is most definitely the BEST dryer I've ever had. It may look ridiculous, but it's certainly worth every penny.

somarro said...
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somarro said...

I still have one. I got this one about 10 years ago. It is the best dryer ever. No more energy expensive than a regular one. I don´t know what I will do when this one stops working. I don´t think there are more like this on the market.

Anonymous said...

I am going to cry because my best friend just stopped heating up. If you can buy it! This is the best dryer I have ever owned. It is such a convenience to be able to drip dry and hang flat all my delicate clothing. I'm going to get it fixed, but even if it can't be repaired....I'll keep it just to keep drying those sweaters. Oh, by the way...10 years ago, I paid $999 for this gem!

Betty Flores said...

I love my drying center. Bought it n 2005 and have found many uses for it. Seldom go to the cleaners. Today, the bottom started smelling like something was burning. I took the clothes out and have to re wash but I'm waiting for the repairman. I can't find any info on what may be wrong anywhere. Ones anybody have any ideas?

Betty Flores said...

I love my drying center. Bought it n 2005 and have found many uses for it. Seldom go to the cleaners. Today, the bottom started smelling like something was burning. I took the clothes out and have to re wash but I'm waiting for the repairman. I can't find any info on what may be wrong anywhere. Ones anybody have any ideas? said...

Hi I have a brand new MAYTAG NEPTUNE DRYING CENTER. If anyone is interested please contact me via e-mail or via phone or
JEANNETTE 310-428-8333

Anonymous said...

I love mine. I bought it when it first came out. There is nothing ridiculous about this product.

sagie133 said...

I had one for eight years. It is actually two dryers: a standard one and the upper cabinet that let's you dry things flat or hanging. It is no more expensive to run than any dryer. In a humid climate it does make drying faster. I love mine. It recently was killed by a tree through my roof and I want another. Do not know if I can find one. I had no repair bills for it at all.

Anonymous said...

I, too, bought mine when they were first introduced and have loved it everyday! The thought of it going out and not being replaced gives me nightmares. Worth every penny we spent and like many said before no more power user than a traditional dryer.

Anonymous said...

Have one available to re-home for $350 if anyone's interested. It's in NE Illinois.

Anonymous said...

I love my drying center too! Love the top part for drying sweaters and delicates. It does not use extra electricity and it works great!

Anonymous said...

Clearly, you are the idiot. Your post is full of opinion, and, clearly, you don't know what you are talking about. Next time you want to give such a rude, fact less opinion, do more research first! I have one and LOVE it!! In fact, I am looking for a second one! And, I certainly do my part to help needy kids in my area, too! What about you??!

Anonymous said...

I saw the upper drying cabinet as standard in apartment building laundry rooms in Stockholm. It makes sense if you don't want to tumble your clothes into oblivion. I consider it a gigantic hair dryer :)

About time they brought the concept to the US!

Anonymous said...

Obviously you really dont know what your talking about. I have had mine for about 8 years and it is great! I find the top drying area wonderful. You can flat dry sweaters more than one at a time, especially great if you have 3 girls like I do. If you live in an area that has alot of snow, you can dry shoes, scarves, coats, socks etc... without having to prop something up against the door to keep it from popping open when the shoes hit it....removes wrinkles from clothes while hanging them...I suggest before blogging on something you should either own it or know someone who owns one...because looking at all the responses, looks to me like people love it more than hate!

Anonymous said...

I am researching product reviews for this dryer because there is one available for sale on Craigslist in my area and im considering buying it. It's had one owner for the last 6 years and he loves it but is moving into a third floor walk up apartment and cannot get it into his new place. According to him it has never had any maintinence issues and he hates to part with it. After reading all your positive comments im more inclined than ever to buy it because im a mom of five kids and laundry is heavy- duty in my home. My biggest issue is being able to dry larger loads more efficiently and being able to dry sneakers... Well that's life changing for me with four little boys soaking their sneakers at $60 a pair and we've had to toss them because we can't dry them before the mildew smell sets it. So I think im sold, this dryer has everything and more im excited to try it out for myself! I'll check back In a month and let you know how it goes! Thanks for all who posted positive comments because i think I might have passed on this after reading the first tirade...what a downer(:

Jackie Mutschler said...

NOT a ridiculous product!!! Mine just quit after 9 years. I'm hoping it is not an outrageous cost to repair because I know there is nothing out there like it.

Anonymous said...

I love this dryer. My dryer element went out and there are no replacement parts. Ordered a restring kit and am finally back in business. I will put this dryer on life support if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Did you do ANY research?

Anonymous said...

I've had mine for 14 years, never had a problem with it and LOVE it. Let's address each issue you presented:

1) Does anyone really need it? "I think not." I'm humbled. You know the needs of every single person!

2) "...sheer size...makes it a totally ridiculous,unnecessary product." Size is the ruler by which products are deemed ridiculous or unnecessary?

3) Some people like bisque.

4) Yes, $1,499 is a lot of money. And worth it. It has saved me $1,000s in dry cleaning, not to mention extending the life of our clothing.

5) "You can (already) start and stop drying any old time you want to." Not if it's an item that has to hang dry, which you actually recommend!

(to be continued)

Anonymous said...

(continued from above)

6) "I wash my clothes in the washing machine in order to get odors out, not stick them in the dryer." Not everything is washable. It's wonderful for freshening dry-clean only items that aren't dirty.

7) "This dryer is totally humongoid, and will require that you undertake serious renovations inside your home in order to install it." Sorry, I didn't have to make a humorous renovation, let alone a serious one. Not everyone has upper cabinetry. The Neptune has the same footprint as other dryers. Worst case scenario that I can think of is the removal of one cabinet.

8) "No one but a moron would want to examine...clothes." Call me a moron. I have loaded the dryer many times, only to realize that I forgot to remove one article of clothing that must hang dry. I have also been guilty of not removing a load of laundry from the dryer as soon as it has finished and later needed to find one item in a hurry. My laundry room has a toilet and I've been known to pop the door open and use it as a night light for a visit to the WC in the dark. I've found that light to be quite a handy little feature.

9) "Er... "talc–filled"? What the hell does that mean!?" Google it. And please note the only part of the dryer that is talc-filled polypropylene is the LINER of the upper cabinet. I don't know what your definition of one...HEAVY...mother is, but I can scoot this dryer several inches to clean the floor under it, etc. And we certainly did not need to reinforce the floor.

10) ". . . . ever heard of a CLOTHES LINE?" In my neighborhood a clothes line is illegal. It is forbidden by the covenants of our neighborhood association and I am legally bound to abide by those rules. I do not live in a fancy, expensive, gated community - just a simple, small-town, middle class area. My mom has a clothes line and does not own a dryer of any kind. There are MANY times she can not use her clothes line. Sometimes the neighbors have a fire in their fireplace, which causes the clothes to smell like smoke. Sometimes it's very cold. I suppose she could bundle up in her freshly laundered coat, but she would have to wait until it melted after hanging on the clothes line in 12 degree weather. My grandmother's clothes line is further than she can walk now. You've given the impression that a clothes line assumes some sort of grand importance or superiority. I think there's a word for that...oh yes, it's pretentious.

11) Evidently your sneakers don't get dirty. If you had ever washed them, you would know that it does indeed take days for some to dry. Even heavy denim can take days to dry in a high humidity area.

12) We get think it's ugly. Please don't presume to know what everyone's taste is.

13) It's big. That extra, non-essential drying cabinet SURELY "guzzles electricity HARD". The amount it "must consume is literally mind-boggling!" - insomuch that it evidently causes starvation somewhere. I have not seen an increase in the usage of electricity since I began using my drying center. It's probably due to the talc-filled polypropylene liner which, as you know...wait - you DON'T know what that means, do you? Again - Google it. And if you don't know what thermal conductivity is, look it up.

Thank you for one more addition to MY list of "Ridiculous Bloggers to Avoid in the Future".

Anonymous said...

We renovated our house 8 years ago and this was my husband's "splurge" (mine was a jacuzzi). WE LOVE THIS DRYER!!! Living in Chicago, our hanging clothes would take days to dry in the winter... Now, 3 hours later my heavy sweaters are dry and ready to fold. We are sad to see they don't make this dryer anymore and hope ours lasts for years to come!

vincent xenakis said...

I have had this dryer and I am down sizing. It works great and if it were not for the down sizing, I would keep it. Anyone that wants to buy it can email me at You must pay for shipping though or come pick it up. First come first serve.

Anonymous said...

I have had one since 2004 and I love it! I am heartsick that they are no longer manufacturing them, as I am looking for a part to fix mine (which is how I came across this blog).

If you can find one, get it! This person does not know what they're talking about. I use the drying cabinet all the time.

Michael McMillan said...

I have one for sale in Dallas Texas and can be reached at first $600 takes it and i can deliver in the Dallas metroolex
Michael 214-415-4111

Michael McMillan said...

Sorry that's

Bruce said...

I too love my Drying Center. I wish I could buy another. If the blogger would have read the actual specs for this dryer, they would have known it does NOT use any more electricity than a regular dryer. In fact, most of my loads dry in 34 minutes. Much less time than time than my old whirlpool dryer that could never dry a load in less than an hour.

At least I got a laugh at the ridiculous post.

Anonymous said...

Someone sounds jealous!! Mine uses gas, and it uses the same as any dryer I've ever had. This is my 10th year using my drying center and it's never needed a repair (my Neptune washer, not so much..). I'm so glad my current house didn't have wall cabinets in the laundry room so I could fit it in no problem! Everyone who sees it is always so enamoured with it. My husband's wrinkle-defense shirts just need a freshening in the cabinet and it's like they were ironed. If you can obtain a used one, go for it!

Anonymous said...

I am offering mine (barely used & in perfect working condition) for sale for $400 OBO….
in Cambria, CA


Anonymous said...

43I have had my Maytag - Neptune drying cabinet for over 10 years. It has worked like a charm & I dread the day it quits working. Our electric bill is no higher than before the cabinet. We did not have to do any remodeling to fit it in our laundry room. It has saved us thousands of dollars in dry cleaning. we use the upper cabinet almost daily. I use it for unusual items as well - like softening plastic (hangup bags that get wrinkled & out of shape....even used it this morning on the kids "Twister" mat that was stored wrong & hard to get back in the box) it has been a dream ! I would never put those items in a regular dryer ! Even hairbrushes & hair accessories ! we hand wash & then lay them on the shelves - they dry quickly & aren't laying around all over the counters to dry ! ....Say what you want, ignorant anti-Maytag blogger man .... but I haven't read another review that agrees with you....

Anonymous said...

Whom ever wrote the column can't still be alive - natural selection...

Mostly, the author has a problem with the size of the dryer. This is a deep rooted problem that isn't necessarily related to the dryer per se.

I have owned this type of dryer for more than 8 years and it has saved us $k's on dry cleaning. The dryer is good for my wallet and for the environment (dry cleaning isn't green any means).
Energy usage (it's on the yellow label when you buy the dyer) is on par or below other dryers regardless of size. The author didn't stop and think about how to factually compare this dyer to other dryers. Simple to do. The author is a simple fool that could get over the size of it. Then seems to angry when making size comparison that always led to comparison of... you get the picture.

If the author could do simple & basic math then yet another internet blog written out of shear stupidity and comical ignorance would have been prevented. Perhaps an open and honest blog about an inferiority complex would have been written in it's place.

Some advice:
1)Learn to read and comprehend
2)Research before you speak
3)Understand the subject matter before you speak
4)Seek professional help
5)It's OK to ask for help - you may not think you need it but you do
6)Just because you drive an Smart Car doesn't mean you are smart
7)Size matters

Anonymous said...

I love mine... I only found this absurd article while on the internet scheduling its repair - after 9 years it needs some work. I take my work clothes i.e. slacks and button down shirts - into the laundry for recreasing every few months - I haven't held an iron in my hand in 9 years - you're a jerk.

Anonymous said...

This is the best dryer EVER. It's so nice to have a place to dry all the gentle, lay flat clothes without having to lay them all over the house with fans running. (And even then some of the clothes sour before they dry because they can't dry fast enough). I had to live in an apartment temporarily without my beloved dryer and I was so thankful when I returned home to it. I'm heartbroken that the top dryer has stopped working. My husband has tried to find the element but Maytag stopped making it after 7 years. If you have one that you want to get rid of contact me at

P.S. the person who wrote this article has obviously never had a need for this awesome dryer but if it will help me get in contact with someone who has this dryer then I hope this blog remains current to help match up people who want to continue using it!

Anonymous said...

I have one for sale. I'm in the Joplin, MO area. Asking $300 works great. email me at if interested.

Anonymous said...

I, like most owners,love to this dryer. I am in the process of getting a replacement steamer heater for it thru The Old Appliance Club. It appears that they are fond of it enough to consider it with the 1920's and 1930's appliances that they love. (a modern day classic) If you have one for sale, but have room, you may want to consider parting it out . I was willing to pay $300 for that heater part, but it looks like it will be less than $200. I do not have any ill feelings toward the blogger that opened to door to others that share my thinking. Maybe the blogger sees this appliance in a new light now.
Keep it on life support? You bet I will!

Lily said...

'Ridiculous article'
I own one and love it!! Please be aware that when Whirlpool bought Maytag, they stopped making this model and no parts are available for it! I had a bad circuit breaker that was running at 110 rather than 220 and dryer stopped working. I was lucky it was not the machine as this is the bomb! I lay sweaters on racks to dry and refresh clothes that don't quite need dry cleaning! Ten years old and still running. Just took it apart to clean out lint and breaker replaced and it's working like a charm again. What to do once this dies??? Read previous thread and glad to see some parts are available!

Anonymous said...

Mine is ten years old and I still love it! The original blogger is truly an idiot!

Anonymous said...

My heating element in the bottom part is dying and it makes me so sad...I absolutely LOVE THIS DRYER!! I'm waiting on repairman and hope that it can be resurrected. This was definitely a splurge when I bought it about 10 yrs ago but the only part I've had to replace was the lint filter. The upper cabinet is a godsend for drying more delicate blouses and they come out looking great. Don't even want to think about replacing it! Keeping my fingers crossed in Memphis.

estee_nj said...

I love mine. Saves on dry cleaning. Also let's me dry lots of things flat, which might save energy. More space efficient than my previous collection of drying racks. If you have the space, it's great.

Anonymous said...

I've had this dryer for over 10 years and it is great. It is an Energy Star product. Also, it is a "green" product as it saves me from going to the dry cleaner (which uses many environmentally harsh chemicals). Do your research before running your mouth about something which you know nothing.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this dryer!! Have had it for 10+ years, have had it repaired & will continue to do so until it can no longer be resuscitated (a day I DREAD, by the way). This is the best dryer I've ever had, one of the best purchases I've ever made, and I use the heck out of it. I even flat-dry things for relatives who only have regular dryers. Glad to see there's a website where there are parts available.

Anonymous said...

I love mine, too. I've had it about 7 yrs and its a great dryer. Stops me from hanging delicate clothes all over the house.

Anonymous said...

I've had my Neptune drying center for 10 years and absolutely love the upper drying cabinet. Unfortunately it started making a noise and now it won't work. I hope I can find something like it because I dry all of my delicates in the upper cabinet.